Mira on the Park

683 West Victoria Park Ave, North Vancouver, B.C.


The sloping property is located in a unique neighborhood at the end of Victoria Park, along a significant greenway in the City of North Vancouver. The project combines a  77-unit 11 storey high-rise residential tower, that capitalizes on the grand mountain and harbor views achieved at an elevated level, with a separate 5-unit three-storey live/work townhome block, that forms a small scale street edge along 6th Street  and interfaces with the single-family neighbourhood to the west. These two building components are separated by a broad landscaped auto court that creates a welcoming garden space amenity for the project. To achieve the maximum allowed building height under the existing zoning, the high-rise was lowered into the site’s slope, but an expansive landscaped terraced bank on the north side still affords livability for the lower floor suites. Sustainable initiatives include use of durable materials, provision of sun shade canopies on south face and suite layouts that promote good cross-ventilation and maximize views.



Construction completed 2008