The West at Davis Bay

5160 Davis Bay Road, Sechelt, B.C.


The semi-waterfront site is approximately 1.6 acres in size and was rezoned from commercial to residential use. The 63 unit 4 storey L-shaped building had to be arranged around a large surface parking area, since the construction of an underground parking structure was not feasible for the project. Given that the prime attraction of this property is the scenic views of the bay to the west, the design of the building was based on maximizing this exposure. An unusual single-loaded exterior corridor system on the parking lot side, and the use of angled window walls and balconies on the flanking sides of the building, give the majority of the suites a full or partial water view, while also minimizing the living area overlook of the parking area.  The building character is modern West Coast modern, incorporating exposed wood, stone and siding treatments, as well as the judicious use of some industrial-style metal claddings and guard rails to articulate the building facades. Site planning includes gravel parking and pervious pavers as part of green/sustainable building elements.



Construction completed 2007