The Mulberry

7320 Acorn Avenue, Burnaby, B.C.



Located in Burnaby, the Mulberry Seniors residence includes 148 residential units and 12,585 sq.ft. of amenities for which BFA provided full interior design services, in addition to designing the building. The common amenity spaces are located on two floor  levels and include two guest suites, a relaxing spa room with specialized fixtures for elderly residents, a  100-seat common dining room, a commercial kitchen, a small private dining room, extensive lounge areas, recreational spaces, a multi-purpose room and administrative offices. The client’s program aimed to provide a more affordable facility for seniors, without compromising the quality of design. BFA focused on creating an efficient flow of people between elevators and common areas, keying off the centralized open reception area, serving both residents and visitors. The provision of custom furniture with special upholstery adapted for seniors ergonomics, the use of warm maple wood for millwork, and the presence of a focal fireplace in the main entry lounge all contribute to an inviting experience when entering the building.



Completed in 2006