Seawalk Place Condominium Residence

18th Street, West Vancouver, BC



This 1,584 SF apartment is located in an waterfront condominium tower built in 1978. Intended as their retirement residence, the owners’ objective for the dated space was to renovate it to a modern “ship-like” design, capitalizing on the fine existing views from the suite. The open kitchen was designed to be an elemental part of the central living space without being dominated by bulky kitchen appliances. The kitchen island was oriented to allow for use as a working/office counter facing the view.  Every aspect of the condominium design was produced with the client’s full participation and was customized for accessibility, and a balance of controlled natural & artificial light. Separate discrete themes were created to distinguish each individual room & bathroom at the client’s request, with integrated millwork included throughout. The scope of work included selection of all furniture, custom area rugs, pop-up TV compartment, pantry, closets, home office, window coverings and bedding


Completed in 2009