Car Wash & Net Zero Self Storage Facility

3680 East 4th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C.


Bounded by the Trans Canada Highway, Lougheed Highway and Boundary Road, the 5,500 SF car wash and 90,000 SF Net Zero self storage building development provides a welcome addition to an industrial and commercial dominated neighbourhood.

The state of the art car wash offers top of the range service while the Net Zero storage building combines high quality materials and detailing, with striking and modern architecture. The building features large areas of glazing, that span multiple floors of the storage building and the entire length of the car wash. The glazing on the storage building is highlighted with projecting frames These glazed areas create a visual connection from the exterior of the building to the entire process of the car wash and storage building above.

The facade of the building consists of a two-tone expression. The environmentally sustainable features include reuse of water and rooftop photovoltaic panels. A vibrant and exciting interior has also been designed to compliment the modern architecture by BFA


BP Submitted 2019