Factors Group of Nutritional Companies Headquarters

1550 United Blvd, Coquitlam, B.C.


As Canada’s leading and a global manufacturer of natural health products, Factors Group manufactures and distributes vitamins, minerals, herbal products and specialty supplements that combine the wisdom of ancient herbalists with the latest research and science to enhance the health of consumers world- wide. The architectural design for their Headquarters building had to follow the clients program as well as enhance their desired image and brand identity. Located in a neighbourhood of large big-box style commercial buildings, the 138,000 SF facility was created  to respond to the complex on-going operations and future expansion of the client’s fast growing company while reflecting the company’s commitment to providing healthful nutrition and enriched lifestyles. The building efficiently integrates an extensive program of functions around a central three- storey atrium space designed to promote interaction among employees and create a signature feature for visitors. The initial concept of the project has allowed the building to evolve and change on an on-going basis over more than a decade in operation.



initially completed in 2000; new phases on-going